Contexts Management


By the left menu “CONTEXTS” you can manage all contexts of your system, here you can see “What is a Context”.

as you can see from the picture above, the list on the left shows the available contexts while the list on the right shows all users currently associated with the selected context on the left.

Clicking on “New Context” button, you can add a context by a screen like this:

Use this page to define context name to put your context data (if any) as JSON Object.

Warning! If the value write into ContextData is not a valid JSON Object, this will not save it.

When you select one context, the button “ASSOCIATE ANOTHER USER” is enabled and with this, you can associate one user to a context by this screen:

In this form you have to set the user by a list, and, also, you can put same values into System Data and User Data (always like JSON Object)