DMSContainer 4.1 downloads

Full package to install DMSContainer

What’s New in 4.1.60

  • New Sync Module
  • ClassJob must be compiled with Delphi 11.x Alexandria
  • Small fixes to the Email Module
DMSContainer 4.1.60 Win32 Setup

There aren’t hotfixes at this moment.

DMSContainer 4.0 downloads

What’s New in 4.0.30

  • Small fixes to the Web Console
  • Small fixes to the Email Module
DMSContainer 4.0.30 Win32 Setup

There aren’t hotfixes at this moment.

What’s New in the 4.0.x branch (cumulative up to the latest version)

DMSContainer 4.0.x includes many new features, improvemenets, optimizations and bugfixes. The working release notes are the following.

  • ⚡ New! EventStreams module which allows to easily create powerful messaging systems using the publish/subscribe integration pattern (support for max queue size, queue ttl and custom ttl for message);
  • ⚡ New! Web Administration Console;
  • ⚡ New! Proxy generators for Javascript/TypeScript and Python, in addition to the Delphi one;
  • ⚡ New! Email Module is now an “Events Source”. It means that now any email status change produces a new event. Any sent email procedures an event in the queue while any email in error state (e.g. wrong SMTP server address) produce an email in the queue;
  • ⚡ New! The Report Module can generate report asynchronously and for each report state change produces a event in specific queues. In case of asynch reports the Report Module acts as “Events Source”;
  • ⚡ New! Auth and Event Streams module are now internal module (no bpl is released for them). The Auth module cannot be disabled while EventStreams can be disabled using the main configuration file <DMS_HOME>\conf\dmscontainer.config.json;
  • ⚡ New! Actions audit are available from the console;
  • ⚡ Improved! Delphi proxy is now interface based;
  • ⚡ New sample to show the SSO module can easily used as configuration provider;
  • ⚙ Improved! The Excel module now support advanced formatting and sparkline charts;
  • ⚙ Updated all internal Python libraries;
  • ⚙ Better reporting for expired licenses;
  • ⚙ Improved Report module in high workload scenarios;
  • EventStreams module configuration is now included in the main config file <DMS_HOME>\conf\dmscontainer.config.json;

Official Samples for DMSContainer v4.0

DMSContainer Repository Samples

Older 4.0.x Downloads

DMSContainer 4.0.29 Win32 Setup

DMSContainer 3.1 downloads

Full package to install DMSContainer

DMSContainer 3.1.46 Win32 Setup

Hotfix package to update DMSContainer to the latest version. This hotfix is applicable to all 3.1 version.

DMSContainer 3.1.51 Win32 Hotfix

Older downloads

DMSContainer 3.1.49 Win32 Hotfix

DMSContainer 3.1.24 Win32 Setup

DMSContainer 3.1.37 Win32 Hotfix

DMSContainer 3.1.16 Win32 Setup

DMSContainer 3.0.4 Win32 Setup