Deployment Options

Deployment options

DMSContainer can be deployed in a number of variations each of them is best suited for specific cases. In the next sections we’ll investigate about all the possibile scenarios and how DMSContainer can help you to get the job done.

Windows Service

DMSContainer is provided with a setup program able to install and configure a DMSContainer service on a Windows System. This kind of installation is easy and quite simple but it is not the only available. Strictly DMSContainer doesn’t require a “setup” program because is “XCOPY Deployment” compatible, however to make things easier and to create some shortcuts in the Windows Shell the main setup is the recomended way to get a DMSContainer service up and running.

Multiple installation on the same machine

In some cases it is useful to have a single installation on the machine but multiple DMSContainer instances available. A very common case is realted to the test environment where you are testing you classjob or shelljob before to promote them in the production environment. The thing is quite simple.

  • Be sure that your DMSContainer main installation works on your machine.
  • Stop DMSContainer service
  • Create a new directory on your harddrive to be used by the new instance, e.g. C:\bitTimeProfessionals\DMSContainer_3_1_0_INSTANCE_2.
  • From the main installation copy the following files and directory:
    • conf
    • jobspackage
    • license
    • RUN_DEBUG.bat
  • Open “RUN_DEBUG.bat”, you should see something similar to this

set DMS_HOME=C:\bitTimeProfessionals\DMSContainer_3_1_0
set DMS_PORT=443
DMSContainerService.exe /console
  • Change “RUN_DEBUG.bat” as follows.

set DMS_HOME=C:\bitTimeProfessionals\DMSContainer_3_1_0_INSTANCE_2
set DMS_PORT=9443
set DMS_HOME_TOOLS=C:\bitTimeProfessionals\DMSContainer_3_1_0\tools
C:\bitTimeProfessionals\DMSContainer_3_1_0\DMSContainerService.exe /console

This configuration will start a new DMSContainer service listening on port 9443. Change it to suit your needs. All the configuration files are independent from the main installation.

  • Save the file and run it. Now you have another instance ready.
  • This new instance will not interfeere with the main one, however some modules and job should be stopped. For instance if you don’t need another email module running just stop it (and the same for report module, excel module and so on).

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