Release Notes

DMSContainer 4.1.x Release Notes

  • ⚡ New! SyncUtils module (highly requested by the community)
  • ⚡ New sample for SyncUtils
  • 🛠 Support for Delphi 11 Alexandria (ClassJob must be developed in Delphi 11 Alexandria. To migrate to this version all custom ClassJobs must be rebuilt with Delphi 11 Alexandria)
  • 🛠 Fix for the Delphi proxy generator in case of boolean return types
  • 🛠 Updated dependencies (Python libs, DMVCFramework)
  • 🛠 Improved support for DOCX output in ReportModule
  • 🛠 Improved PDF rendering in ReportModule
  • 🛠 Improved error reporting (check the new error codes here)
  • 🛠 Fixed Python proxy for wrong behavior in some border cases
  • 🛠 Better strategy to ensure EventStreams message IDs uniqueness
  • 🛠 Improved documentation
  • 🛠 Added RESTful monitoring API for simpler integration with HTTP monitoring system (https:///api/v1/ping)

Breaking changes for ClassJob Developers

All TAuthRPC.EnsureAll method overloads have been renamed in TAuthRPC.EnsureAny

DMSContainer 4.0.30 Release Notes

  • Small fixes to the Web Console
  • Small fixes to the Email Module

DMSContainer 4.0.29 Release Notes

  • ⚡ New! EventStreams module which allows to easily create powerful messaging systems using the publish/subscribe integration pattern (support for max queue size, queue ttl and custom ttl for message);
  • ⚡ New! Web Administration Console;
  • ⚡ New! Proxy generators for Javascript/TypeScript and Python, in addition to the Delphi one;
  • ⚡ New! Email Module is now an “Events Source”. It means that now any email status change produces a new event. Any sent email procedures an event in the queue while any email in error state (e.g. wrong SMTP server address) produce an email in the queue;
  • ⚡ New! The Report Module can generate report asynchronously and for each report state change produces a event in specific queues. In case of asynch reports the Report Module acts as “Events Source”;
  • ⚡ New! Auth and Event Streams module are now internal module (no bpl is released for them). The Auth module cannot be disabled while EventStreams can be disabled using the main configuration file <DMS_HOME>\conf\dmscontainer.config.json;
  • ⚡ New! Actions audit are available from the console;
  • ⚡ Improved! Delphi proxy is now interface based;
  • ⚡ New sample to show the SSO module can easily used as configuration provider;
  • ⚙ Improved! The Excel module now support advanced formatting and sparkline charts;
  • ⚙ Updated all internal Python libraries;
  • ⚙ Better reporting for expired licenses;
  • ⚙ Improved Report module in high workload scenarios;
  • EventStreams module configuration is now included in the main config file <DMS_HOME>\conf\dmscontainer.config.json;

DMSContainer 3.1.39 Release Notes

  • Small fixes in Cron syntax parser, now ranges are correctly parsed
  • DMSContainer service version is updated also after an hotfix
  • Improved DMSAdminGUI UX

DMSContainer 3.1.37 Release Notes

  • Added User Context list in the login response - useful to reduce server calls in SSO scenarios
  • Minor bugfixes and general improvements

DMSContainer 3.1.32 Release Notes

  • Added DMSDB and DMSBACKUP scripts to simplify mantainance of DMSDATADB - usually no actions are required, these scripts have been included to be used in case of low-level activities.
  • General improvements

DMSContainer 3.1.18 Release Notes

  • Updated internal frameworks for better performance and security
  • DMSSuperVisor doesn’t send email for DMVCFramework tag anymore
  • Added new configuration keys in dmscontainer.config.json (check this for more info):
    • MaxRequestSizeMiB: Set the max request size in MiB (default 5MiB).
    • RPCTrace: Allows to log all the HTTP/S communication for the RPC API in a log file. It is very useful for troubleshooting and debug purposes.
    • HTTPS: If true the built-in service will uses the certificates provided to bind as HTTPS service. If false, no certificates will be used and plain HTTP is used (default true).
  • Added Email Receipt in Email Module
  • Minor bugfixes and general improvements

DMSContainer 3.1.0 Release Notes

  • All configuration files are in the conf folder (before were in the DMS_HOME)
  • FDConnectionDefs.ini has been renamed in database.conf and moved in conf folder with the other configuration files
  • License file dms.license has been moved in the license folder
  • Added new function GetConfigFolder in unit DMSCommonsU which return <DMS_HOME>\conf path
  • Added new function GetConfigFile(const FileName: String): String in unit DMSCommonsU which return <DMS_HOME>\conf\<filename> path
  • Added new function IsInDebugMode in unit DMSCommonsU which return true if DMSContainer has been launched with /console switch. If IsInDebugMode is true, then DMSContainer is running as console application, otherwise is running as Windows Service.
  • To improve the readability of the logs folder, dms_00.jobmanager.log has been renamed to dms_00.main.log and it is the primary container log.
  • DMSContainer 3.1 doesn’t require a FirebirdSQL installation - can use optionally a remote server, but it is no more required.
  • Added return receipt feature in Email Module.
  • New Module SSO!
  • DMSAdminGUI has been greatly improved with the following features:
    • SSL Module management
    • Contexts management
    • Export users in MS Excel
    • Ability to work with remote DMSContainer servers
  • Added RefreshToken method to extend the validity of a valid token
  • Added RPCTrace config key in dmscontainer.config.json. If RPCTrace is true (false by default) all the HTTP requests and all the HTTP responses area traced in a specific trace log file.
  • Added ExternalJobsFolder config key in dmscontainer.config.json. If ExternalJobsFolder is not empty and points to a valid folder, DMSContainer will loads all the DMS jobs contained in that folder just after having loaded the DMS jobs container in the <DMS_HOME>\jobspackage.
  • Added function ExplodeEnvVars(const Value: String): String which returns a string where all the reference to the environment variables have been expanded. The variables must be referenced using the syntax $(varname).
  • Fixed a bug in bulk_send_message in case of no attachments.

DMSContainer 3.0.0 Release Notes

  • Version 3.0.0 is the first public version of DMSContainer. After being used for years in big private and public company and institutions, DMSContainer has been published as public product.
  • Email Module
  • Report Module
  • DMSAdminGUI as desktop application
  • Abilities to develop custom class jobs