Environment Variables

Environment variables

Considering its parallel nature, DMSContainer doesn’t depend to the path where the executable files are on the system. Many instances of the container can runs side-by-side on the same system. You can, for instance, separate internals from externals services or use a cluster for the high traffic services and use a single instance for the low traffic services. This architecture should be considered any times you need to scale over the single instance.

DMSContainer uses the following environment variables:

DMS_HOME This variable must contains a valid PATH and must point to the folder where the config files are located (see next paragraph). All the logs and the packages will be loaded starting from this path.

DMS_PORT This variable overrides the ServerPort value in the dmscontainer.config.json file. It is very useful is you want to run 2 or more different instances of DMSContainer using the same DMS_HOME. Just set different DMS_PORT for every instance.

DMS_HOME_TOOLS This variable instructs DMSContainer about the folder where the tools are located. This helps when you want to run different instances of DMSContainer on the same machine. Setting DMS_HOME_TOOLS to a valid tools folder, all the instances can use the same tools folder avoiding a copy of the same folder for each DMS_HOME.

DMS_MaxRequestSizeMiB This variable set the max request size in MiB (default 10 MiB).