Install DMSContainer

Install DMSContainer

DMSContainer is able to provide a rich execution environment for your jobs, let install the service and play a little bit with it.

  • Launch dmscontainer_3_1_0_setup.exe and use all the proposed defaults

  • Now you have the DMSContainer service installed. By default is installed in C:\bitTimeProfessionals\DMSContainer_XXX

  • Main configuration is stored in <DMS_HOME>\conf\dmscontainer.config.json and should be ok for almost all Windows 10 and Windows Server machines, but you can check if it’s ok for your system.

    Pay attention, <DMS_HOME>\conf\dmscontainer.config.json is a standard JSON file, so any “backslash” must be escaped with a “double backslash”.

  • To activate the license, copy the dms.license file you received by email in the <DMS_HOME>\license\ folder and start (or restart) the DMSContainer service.

  • If you want to change the user on which DMSContainer will runs, open the Windows Service Manager and configure the service to run as a not admin user. For that user must be available a valid DMS_HOME environment variable. Otherwise that variable must be defined system wise.

    • You can also decide to run DMSContainer service as Local System account, but you must be aware of the implications.

Launch DMSContainer in debug mode

DMSContainer provides also a DEBUG mode launch. To launch DMSContainer in debug mode use the following command line

DMSContainerService.exe /console

This will run DMSContainer in a console window and allows to inspect some internals configuration and is also an easier way to use it as HOST application for ClassJobs development (see next sections)

Moreover it’s possible to override some configuration values using environment variables.

The file RUN_DEBUG.BAT is generated during the installation setup and launches DMSContainer as console application using the parameters provided in the script. You can change this file accordingly with your setup.

The following example is a typical RUN_DEBUG.BAT that you can find in your DMS_HOME folder.


set DMS_HOME=C:\bitTimeProfessionals\DMSContainer_3_1_0
set DMS_PORT=443
DMSContainerService.exe /console

WARNING for DMSContainer 3.0.x users: DMS_DEBUG environment variable is no more used and must be removed from the environment to make DMSContainer 3.1+ run.

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